Systems for remote reading

Systems for remote reading

Systems for remote reading

What you will achieve when using remote meter reading:

♦ It is not necessary to allow access to your property of outsiders to read the water meters.
♦ Water meters are counted every month to the nearest liter.
♦ Water distribution in the building will be done with great accuracy, which will minimize the additional water consumption.
♦ The use of the technology allows for better energy efficiency of the building on water consumption. The system offers various alarms for problems in the water supply installation.


Powogaz water meter

Smartop radio module

Water meter with radio module 

Built-in water meter Powogaz with pulse output

Universal Radio Module



♦ Water meters and radio modules are manufactured by Apator Powogaz, Poland. The company has a tradition in the production of water meters and relies on high quality and new technologies. All products have the necessary certificates.

Eurocom 2000 Ltd. is an official importer of the products of Apator Powogaz for Bulgaria.