Relix Vibro

Relix Vibro

Relix Vibro AD – partner of Eurocom 2000

Relix Vibro AD is a leader in the production of concrete products in Bulgaria. During its 25 years of history, the company has developed strong partnerships with all leading construction companies in the country.

The company covers a full range of concrete and reinforced concrete products for all kind of construction. Many of water projects and highways in the country are built with products of Relix Vibro AD.

The policy of Relix Vibro AD is focused on innovation and constant introduction of new products on the market with invariably high quality.

The quality is of paramount importance to the company, and, in the factories of Rexix Vibro AD, permanent system is implemented for control of the products and the materials for their production.

The team consists of experienced engineers and professionals, allowing design and subsequent production of products according to the customer's individual requirement.